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    Deck preparation before staining with SUPER DECK Decking & Furniture Stain.
  • Water based, concentrate 1 litre makes 5 litres
  • For cleaning & preparation of all new, weathered, greyed, stained & mould affected decking & timber surfaces including outdoor furniture, weather boards, pergolas & fences
  • Cleans, treats & removes dirt, mould, mildew, grease, oil & other contaminants
  • Assists in opening the fibres to aid penetration of the timber surface prior to coating

Prior to application of SUPER DECK, clean and treat all timber surfaces with TIMBER CLEAN & PREP following label instructions. If mould or mildew is present, pre-treat the timber surfaces in advance with TIMBER CLEAN & PREP and leave for at least 2 weeks, then remove any dead material by scraping, scrubbing or sanding. Reclean the surface with TIMBER CLEAN & PREP before application of SUPER DECK. New Pine: New decking timber should initially be weathered for 8 weeks. Note: Shiny (mill glazed) machined timber surfaces may need to be sanded to allow penetration. New Hardwoods: We recommend hardwood timbers be weathered for 12 weeks. This is to assist with the removal of oily tannins and opens the fibres to aid penetration. Rinsing with water several times over this period is beneficial. Weathered Pine & Hardwoods: If the natural wood grain is to be restored, badly weathered and greyed timber may require sanding back to a clean, sound surface. Previously Stained & Oiled Timber: Clean and treat with TIMBER CLEAN & PREP or if a natural wood grain look is required, it may be necessary to sand back to bare timber followed by cleaning with TIMBER CLEAN & PREP. To remove paint or other coatings back to a bare surface, a combination of paint remover and sanding should be used followed by TIMBER CLEAN & PREP. Note: Heavy water blasting is not recommended as it can “fluff” the timber surface, use a low-medium pressure wash down and/or scrubbing.


  • Sweep or wash down area with water to remove any surface dirt.
  • Shake TIMBER CLEAN & PREP concentrate thoroughly. Mix 1 part TIMBER CLEAN & PREP to 4 parts water in a plastic container. This will treat approximately 10-15 square metres depending on the texture and absorbency of the timber.
  • Using clean water, wet the timber area.
  • Using a stiff bristle broom/brush apply the TIMBER CLEAN & PREP mixture generously to the timber surface in sections, ideally along the full length of each piece of timber. Scrub the timber vigorously to ensure good “foaming” of the mixture.
  • Leave the mixture on the timber surface for approximately 15 min. During this time, it may be necessary to apply more mixture to ensure the surface is kept wet.
  • Rinse off the timber surface thoroughly using a low-medium pressure wash down.
  • Allow the timber surface to dry before applying the coating.


  • Always colour test first to check your choice of SUPER DECK colour gives the result you want on the actual timber you are staining. Wet colour will darken once dry.
  • Apply SUPER DECK along the entire length of the boards and maintain a wet edge to avoid lapping joins, 2-3 boards at a time is best.
  • Two coats are recommended to give greater durability and protection to the timber.

Refer to our Tech Data sheet for more detailed information.