Good, fast drying, solvent borne, alkyd based, line marking paint possessing fast drying & high wear resistance. Typical Uses

  • Primarily used only on bituminous roading surfaces such as car parks & highways.
  • Not suggested for use on concrete surfaces.


  • Surfaces must be clean, dry, free from oil, grease, lichen, etc before application.
  • Can be applied directly to bare, un-primed or unsealed surfaces.


  • Stir thoroughly before use.
  • Recommended application method is by spraying – either airless or conventional.
  • May be thinned sparingly with Xylene/Toluene to aid application.
  • It can be brush applied but with difficulty. It dries so fast it must be wiped on and then left alone as it can surface dry in seconds. It can also be thinned slightly with thinners to slow the drying and make brushing easier, but, getting a thick layer onto the surface is still important.
  • First coat application to semi new or aged hot mix on car parks or tennis courts etc, apply a dust coat of approximately 50 Microns DFT, leave to dry for 24 hours minimum and then apply second coat to desired film build.

Available: 4 Litre, 20 Litre Colours: White, Yellow or Black Refer to our Tech Data sheet for more detailed information.