Texturising powder to give a decorative, texture effect
  • Add to paints and sealers to reduce slip
  • Use on walk on area such as paths, steps, decks and driveways
  • Clear, powdered granules
  • Add 200 g per 4 litre of coating
  • Available in 200 g size

AP NON SLIP ADDITIVE added to coatings at the recommended level of 50 g/L (5 heaped tablespoons) gives a rate, in wet conditions of 42 BPN and in dry conditions, a COF of 0.85 as tested to AS/NZS 4586:2004.f AP NON-SLIP ADDITIVE disperses easily and evenly through the coating giving a non-abrasive, slip resistant finish to the coating. NON-SLIP ADDITIVIE is a non-hazardous texturising agent (free of crystalline silica). Test sample to determine suitability of your application. Refer to our Tech Data sheet for more detailed information.