About Us

We are a 100% family-owned New Zealand manufacturer located in Christchurch. With a track record of over 30 years, the quality is proven every day by the customer referrals and the many litres we sell. Agrippa Paints’ philosophy and point of difference is to provide the retailer and end-user with a quality “value in the pail” product at a fair price. We strive hard to deliver every day on “price point + ease of use + performance” within our range of products. We understand value-based price points and easy to buy products are a large part of this formula, however, we also believe the ease of use, performance and fit for purpose of products is equally as if not, more important.

We take a serious position on sustainability and compliance and this was one of the main drivers to relocate the business to a new site in August 2016. Our new manufacturing plant is based in a 1300 sqm building located in Hornby, Christchurch. A little history... The business was started in 1980 by John McFetridge and Harry Dent. In 2009 Terry and Maree Dalton took a majority shareholding and then full ownership in 2015. John, the founding owner still has a keen interest and remains as a technical consultant.